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    I have to pick Real steel for this action movie and also 2012. Both of this movies were great and awesome and you also have to watch clash of the titans which is also pretty good.


    I was caught off-guard when my Mom asked me about a show I had never heard of, as it's usually the other way around, when she proceeded to fill me in on Netflix's newest project debut. I've been a fan of Timothy Olyphant from the first film I saw him in, the odd-ball Girl Next Door. I thought he did a great job handling the funnier aspects of the character and I've been keeping tabs on his comedy ever since.https://365movies.is/movies/happy-death-day-03222.html

    I feel the same way about Drew Barrymore and think she's a great actress. Like Olyphant, Barrymore thrives in comedy roles that allow her goofball personality to shine, and Santa Clarita Diet perfectly encapsulates her ability to play the quirky, smart and funny female lead who is also still believable and someone you can relate to. With subject matter as potentially as dark as this show is, her charm balances it out and makes some of the more questionable acts really funny. https://365movies.is/movies/the-devils-candy-04032.html

    The supporting cast has been amazing so far as well, especially the daughter and the neighbor boy. I think they balance each other out very well, and I expect in future episodes that they'll take more of a leading role in the series, and maybe even become the "responsible" ones. The neighbors, and the gang of women who hang out, are also just odd enough to break the Stepford Wives cliché and make their part of the show interesting. The show is a situation in which there's something oddly satisfying going on, but keeping up, and also digesting exactly what's going on is challenging to do. It keeps you interested with the acting while also throwing insane things in your face simply because it can. https://365movies.is/movies/avengers-infinity-war-04053.html

    If you're a fan of absurdist/black comedy, pointing out obvious clichés, and allowing actors to be themselves, you'll be interested in giving Santa Clarita a shot. The flavor of comedy is certainly unique, and when dealing with the subject matter this show deals with, uniqueness is a necessity in order for the project to thrive. Happy death day 2017

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