Ways to By Pass Megavideo 72 Minutes Limitation

Download Megavideo file using Orbit Downloader
1. Download and install Orbit Downloader, then open Internet Explorer.
2. Play a video on megavideo, then click pause.
3. A popup will appear saying "GetIt" Click it, Orbit Downloader will grab the video.
4. Select the megavideo video, and click "Download" button, Orbit Downloader will download the selected megavideo video for you.
5. Use VLC Media Player for playing the downloaded megavideo file.

1. When you click play on a Megavideo video, click pause and allow the video to buffer all the way to 100%.
2. Once the video is done buffering, go to your menu bar on your browser, and click on File -> Work Offline.
3. Watch the video.
4. Unclick the “work offline” button.

Firefox Cookies
1. Firstly clear your Mozilla Firefox cookies.
2. Block all cookies coming from Go to: Tools > Options (in firefox)
Then click “Exceptions” and block “” and “” (without quotes)

Proxy Server
1. Must be using Firefox.
2. Install this add-on called foxy proxy
3. Input one of these proxies from into the add-on program.
4. When you hit the 72 minute limit you just have to switch ips.

Note: some of the proxy will load megavideo slower than usual

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