Robin Hood (2010)

Do you still remember him? The “take from the rich give to the poor” hero, with his merry men, always ready to right an injustice and protect any “damsel in distress”? Errol Flyn, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner even Cary Elwes in that hysterically funny Mel Brooks

parody? Well, think again.

Our Robin here is not the legend, or not just yet. The entire story is set before he became the legendary outcast, living in Sherwood with his brave friends. He just came back from the Third Crusade, trying to enter England by pretending to be one of Richard Lionheart‘s knights. On his real name Robin Longstride, he’s trying to fulfill the dying wish of Robert of Locksley, the one who had to take Richard’s crown and the news of the brave king’s death back to England. He’s being murdered by Godfrey, King John’s “right arm” and found while still breathing by Robin and his men.

So Robin takes on his identity and then travels to Nottingham to give Robert’s father the sword used by him in the Crusades. Walter, the knight’s father, encourages him to keep on impersonating his late son, so that they can prevent their lands from being confiscated by the crown. Maid Marion (Cate Blanchett) is not a maid in the first place, but already a wife, and there’s nothing ‘maiden’ about her, especially when she’s threatening to cut his “pride” with the dagger, if he chooses to act “manly” near her.

In the mean time, Godfrey, already an Earl Marshal of England, is plotting an invasion. He’d be the one to weaken the English army, by forcing people to pay even more taxes and burning down the villages where people refuse to give all they can, while the king of France would bring his army into the country and then deliver the last blow to a disgruntled weak army.

The French army lands in a similar scene to Normandy, in World War II, while Robin and his army are prepared to “welcome” them. King John gives a lot of promises, so that the army would follow him and support in the battles and the men proceed to kill everyone they meet on that beach. Russell Crowe is again the “gladiator” fighting and destroying anyone in his way, while Marion joins the battle as a brave soldier prepared to fight for her country.

The battle scenes look amazing and the entire movie is made for the “wow factor”, Ridley Scott proving once again he knows his directing. The character, even if pretty far from the legendary Robin Hood we know, is still enjoyable and the entire movie a pleasing cinema experience.


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